Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Spark in The Dark

2 days back, I was gloomy with the thought of some inevitable disaster. The current floods in Haryana were to rushing towards our agricultural lands to vanish the hope of yield. Already it was to hot and humid. The frequent news of rising waters fuelled my worries. I thought how would it be possible to survive. I became restless and hiding from my hubby’s notice I left cooking and came to my bedroom. I flung myself on the bed like a corpse and gave a cry, then another louder cry with a gesture to lie unconscious. Coincidentally, a thought struck in my mind – What would become of my husband, who himself was passing through the same trauma? It would add to his worries when he would see me in this state. He might have, to hospitalize me, to spend money, to spend time on my care ignoring his farms etc…No. No. No……………………………….

Just then I jumped out of my bed feeling strong. I wiped off my sweat from all over the face and came back to the kitchen to resume cooking and leaving every tension in His hands.
                             I am thankful to the writer of the following vers: JoDaMango

Ray of Hope

When all about is black with gloom
And u feel is pending doom
.When your bones are raked with grim despair
When every breath is a gasp of air.
Keep on going, though u need to grope
For around the bend is ray of hope.

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